If you have specific needs such as attracting attention to your booth, launching a product or communicating an idea, Dante will work with you to customize a presentation. Here is a list of some of the options Dante offers:

The Parlor Show is formal theatrical presentation with the versatility of being able to be set up almost anywhere.  This memorable experience is filled with surprises, humor and audience participation.  The show typically runs forty-five minutes to an hour.

The Close up Show is most often the best choice for large events where you desire the festivities and other activities to take place simultaneously with the entertainment.  Dante simply sets up a small table and people gather around him as he presents shorter, continuous sets throughout the evening. 

Table Hopping, also known as strolling magic, is also used at grand events where you want the festivities and entertainment to take place conjunctly but where people are seated at tables as opposed to mingling.  This is facilitated by Dante walking up to your guest and giving them a personal four to seven minute mini show.  Strolling magic can of course also be used at events were people are mingling but generally the Close-up show is a stronger choice.

The Silent Act is a short vaudeville-style stage show with music accompaniment.  David Cuthbert, theater critic for the Times Picayune, described it as "Chaplinesque" and performed “in the manner of a European circus magician”. This act typically runs about twelve minutes but can be adjusted to suite your needs.

The Festival Act was designed for street fairs, festivals and open air events.  With this show no stage or announcement is needed.  Dante simply sets up and within minutes there is a large crowd around him trying to get a good look.