Dante the Magician

"Dante's an absolute genius."

-Harry Anderson

"As a magician, he is an artist.  His silent routine to music has evolved over the years to a very funny and astonishing eleven minutes of perfection."

-David Cuthbert
Theatre Critic Times Picayune

"Thanks for the great show and incorporating our theme of Goal Zero in your presentation.  Our Staff really enjoyed it."

-Gina Resendez
Motiva Enterprises LLC

"There is no sham-bad comedian to remind us of the good old days of genuine bad comedians, instead Dante, the emcee, moves things along with lively patter... He gives a marvelous display of prestidigitation."

-Dalt Wonk
Gambit weekly

"Dante has a fun and campy sense of comedy... and he can do some amazing things"

-Katie Kidder
Where Y'at Magazine
Dante the Magician

"Never has an impromptu artist's performance generated such excitement. Dante turned our corporate event into an engaging and festive atmosphere."

-Travis Pagel
President of Osmosis Medialab, Inc. New York

"He's sly, mischievous, deceptive, elusive, tricky, sneaky, crafty, cunning, beguiling and absolutely wonderful besides being hilarious. Not to be missed!"

-Herman Leonard
World-renowned photographer

"I’ve been known to plan my parties around Dante’s schedule. I find it’s just more fun if he’s there performing."

-Stacey Hoover
Proprietor of Hoover Watches

"Thank you for your work at the meeting.  You were a big hit."

-Angela Weber

"An excellent show at the Kongsberg seminar we really enjoyed it."

Tim Clerc.
Manager of Engineering - Kongsberg

"Dante truly stunned his audience with trick after trick and non stop humor. A guaranteed crowd pleaser. People cannot believe their eyes."

-Carl Mack
Event planner and proprietor of Carl Mack Presents

"He has the look and carriage of a silent film star...
... think a Benny and Joonish Johnny Depp impersonating Groucho Marx"

-James Marler
Gambit Weekly

"It’s been years and they still talk about the time Dante came to our dinner and wowed us."

-Joe Zahavi
President of Balance Massage

"Dante's interaction with the audience is humorous and entertaining and he astonishes and captivates all with his amazing tricks. Definitely a must see!"

-Kirk Menard
Motiva Norco Refinery

"Unbelievable! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen him work and he still blows me away. I guess I’ll have to wait until next year's benefit to get another chance to catch him."

-Dr Vincent Morelli
Founder of ArtDocs

"I have received great feedback on your magic performance. Thank you for a great show!"

-Sandy Christiana
Intralox Engineering

"Vaudeville meets the new millennium... BRAVO Dante!"

-Doug Conn
Big Easy Magic Co.